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Tegan and Sara at Starland Ballroom 9/27/13

Canadian indie rock duo and twin sisters Tegan and Sara took the stage and drove the crowd wild with "Drove Me Wild," which is arguably one of the most upbeat and danceable songs off the new album "Heartthrob."

Sara announced that their "So Jealous" album was almost 10 year old, then they played "Where Does The Good Go" off of that album. In the middle of the song Tegan Quin asked the audience "Do you guys want to sing the bridge, do you want that responsiblity?" The crowd screamed back with resounding excitement and commitment. She encourage the crowd to sing loud, because she didn't want to rember this show where everyone sang kind of good. Tegan sang the first words and stepped away from the mic and watched as the crowd shouted her song back to her. (video)

The band played a large portion of "Heartthrob" and a diverse mix of older songs from their six previous records. Tegan and Sara's sound has changed and progressed since their first album released in 1999, but the intense passion in their song writing always remains consistent and really comes through on stage. They closed out the show with encore of crowd favorites "Call it Off" and "Living Room."

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