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Ani DiFranco at New Jersey Performing Arts Center 4/23/14

The audience applauded as Ani DiFranco opened the show with "Buildings and Bridges" from her album "Out of Range" released in 1994. She played a great variety of new and old songs from her lengthy discography. Ani played a song titled "See See" from the album she is currently working on, and it should be great if that song is any indication of the feel of the record. The best thing about an Ani DiFranco show is that no two are ever alike. Her story telling between songs always varies and she changes up the sound and feel of her classic songs frequently, like she did last night with "Fuel." The audience jumped to their feet and started clapping in time as Ani started jamming the song "Gravel" on her guitar. She joked that the size of the Victoria Theatre in NJPAC " resembes a living room with balconies," which made for a more intimate show. She could clearly hear the fans respond when she asked for requests. The show closed with an encore of a requested song, "32 Flavors." During the song Ani asked how loud the audience could be, which was followed by a resounding roar. She laughed and said "That's not what I meant" and asked the fans to continue singing the repeated sounds toward the end of "32 Flavors" while she sang over them. After the show several fans lined up by the stage in hopes of obtaining a coveted Ani DiFranco set list.

See more photos from the show here on flickr

Photos and recap by Jessica Thedinga

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