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Amos Lee at Mayo Performing Arts Center 6/10/14

Last night singer-song writer Amos Lee played at the Mayo Performing Arts Center, in Morristown, NJ. He played a diverse mix of songs from his new and previous albums, including a surprise medly of cover songs. He opened the show with “Windows Are Rolled Down,” off of his album “Mission Bell,” released in 2011.

After a few songs the band left the stage and Amos performed a few slower songs solo: “Arms of a Woman” and “Violin.”

When the band returned to stage, they added an accordion (squeeze box) and banjo to the mix. The entire band played in a tight circle around one microphone. It felt like we were watching a private jam session, and it was amazing.

When they played “Fat Bottom Girls” by Queen (video) and the entire audience went wild singing and clapping. The song rolled right into “Single Ladies” by Beyonce and the audience got loader, some people got up to dance.

During the song "Sweat Pea" just after the line "you're the only reason I keep on coming home," they sang ", We're in New Jersey, we are in New Jersey!" When the show ended everyone was on their feet.

Check out Amos Lee's most recent album Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song released last year


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