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Tegan and Sara at The SteelStacks 6/23/14

Canadian indie rock/pop duo and twin sisters Tegan and Sara took the stage to "Goodbye, Goodbye," then played "I Couldn't Be Your Friend." Both songs are off of thier latest album, "Heartthrob." The band has been touring since it's release January of last year. After the played "Walking with the Ghost" Tegan whispered something to Sara left the stage, she came back moments later with a jacket. While alone on stage Sara said "This is what it would be like if I was just in my own band. We would probably be in a smaller venue, because Tegan writes the popular songs," a long running joke with the band and their fans. The sisters write their music independently, so they often point out that people are either Tegan fans or Sara fans based on their favorite songs.

They then played and a diverse mix of older songs from their six previous records. Towards the end of the show a man shouted "What are your favorite tracks to play?" After repeating the question back Tegan Quin responded with a perfect answer, "You are listening to them right now!"

Tegan and Sara closed the show with new fan favorite and arguably one of the most danceable tracks on the new album, "Closer." When the band came back for the encore Tegan asked "You guys want to sing?" After the crowd screamed with excitment Tegan said "Aw man its Monday so you do it, cause I'm too tired." The audience sang the first half of the song "Call it Off " as the band watched, definitely one of the coolest moments of the show. Sara dedicated last song "This is a thank you to you, to those of you that have been with us for a long time, and those of you who are now just, but enthusiasticly new", then played a cover of "Let my Love open the Door," a great close to the show.

For more photos from the show and a setlist click on our Flickr

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