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Mouths of Babes 12/7/14


Mouths of Babes is the folky duo comprised of Ingrid Elizabeth of Coyote Grace and Ty Greenstein of Girlyman. Together, they harmonize perfectly as they tell the stories contained in their debut album, Faith and Fumes, which releases this coming week. The songs are emotional and have a personality all their own. On the song “River on your Right”, Ty added in a banjo which nicely changed up the style of the set. Another song possibly titled, Take Me Dancing, got a laugh from the crowd with the line “God dammit take me dancing”, which was amusing considering that the performance was taking place in a church. My favorite from the set was the song “Any Other Day” which gave me goose bumps for not only being such a beautifully written song, but because of the powerful message contained within. Mouth of Babes ended their set with a sing-along to the song Gospel Truth, that included the audience chiming in on the chorus. As a fan of both of these ladies individual bands, I was not surprised that this project is also quite a success.

Recap by -Alison Lipman

Photos by - Jessica Thedinga

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