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Dar William at Sanctuary Concerts 12/7/14

Dar Williams is an exceptional performer, lyricist and story teller and her performance at the Sanctuary in Chatham, NJ on 12/7/14 did not disappoint. Like a true folk singer, every performance is unique and further delves into the stories behind every one of her songs. Being a long time Dar fan and a regular at her shows, I must say that no two shows are alike regardless of what set list she chooses. For this performance, Dar was celebrating the 20th anniversary of the album that started it all, the Honesty Room. The Honesty Room was played in it's entirety and in true Dar style, each song came to life in a way that only a live performance can truly illustrate. It was a pleasure to hear fan favorites such as "The Babysitter's Here" and "When I Was A Boy", but also to have a chance to hear songs like "The Great Unknown" and "You're Aging Well" which are less frequently heard. For her encore, Dar brought up her opening band Mouths of Babes to join her on "Iowa" and "The Christians and the Pagans". It was a beautiful way to end the evening.

More Photos From the Show HERE

Recap by Alison Lipman

Photos by Jessica Thedinga


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